NSW Australian Football Representative Database

Search Options: There are 3 search options you can use to locate players and games in the database:
1. You can search by player Surname or Given name and select the player from the list – eg: Barassi or Ron
2. You can search by the year that the game was played – eg: 1973, 1953 etc.
3. You can search by team (category). It would be best to search by opposition team if known. eg: Queensland or QLD, Victoria or VIC etc.


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ALSO  – The representative games AND the profiles of the players who participated in them are currently listed from 1881-1940.  We are working on adding more and will change the latter date as we do.
Information About This Database
This database is a work in progress as is the structure and programming of it.
Both the harvesting and editing of data is performed by volunteers, so please be patient as we continue to research and subsequently enter games and the names of thousands of players who participated in them.  Please note that all details have and are being entered dating from the initial representative encounter in 1881.

The matches are listed by year, then the New South Wales team, followed by the opposition.  We have moved away from the accepted practice of listing the home team first.  This decision was taken mainly because of the structure and configuration of the programme used to build this database.  If the same opposition was played more than once in the same year, a consecutive number has been added to the title.

 Note:  We have recorded the local team as the players were listed in the official records.  On some occasions NSW was represented by all Sydney based players, on others, players from different centres within the state were included. The latter would subsequently prove to be quite expensive for a poorly funded NSW Football League.
Additionally, the Society considers this site significant enough to include games played by Combined Sydney teams.  Over the years these teams were promoted under various titles, so you will find them under the name they played.
One issue we have found as we research the games is the discovery of many overlooked matches.  These have been included however the biggest issue with the recording players’ names is
1) the spelling and,
2) the lack of given or first names which may require further and dedicated research.

We believe this utility will become a unique asset for Australian sport enabling access to often, long forgotten records of the game.

You can help by becoming a volunteer and assist with the research.  Its a job you can do at home.  Contact us now by clicking here.

If you have any comments or wish to notify us of a correction, please use the Contact Us option from the menu at the top of this page, then choose the Rep Player option from the drop down selection.

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